CADDManager on October 29th, 2008
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CAD Managers give structure to CAD processes.

Are you providing the structure that your firm needs?  Structure comes from more than just the CAD Standards.

Here are a few things that provide structure to your firm:

1.  Purchasing processes. I have talked about having an approved software list when I wrote on Preventative CAD Management and how they can provide you with a structure for selecting and purchasing software.  Keep a list of the software that your firm uses and stick to it.

2.   Defined migration plans for upgrades. Thing like When to Upgrade and When others are Jumping. But beyond that – do you provide a well planned out migration process for upgrading.  I wrote on this for AUGI some time back (starting in May 2005) – take a look.

3.   The CAD Standards. You number one way of providing structure.  Here are a few post on that issue.

CAD Standards – Not set in Stone

Written CAD Standards

CAD Standards based on Principles

Or just the whole topic of CAD Standards

4.   Troubleshooting problems. Do you bring a structure to your investigations of troubles.  Systematic approaches to finding out what the root problem is and moving toward an answer.

5.   Training. Do you develop a structured approach and outline to training?  The overarching plan and the outline of each class.

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