CADDManager on October 23rd, 2008
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More ways of knowing if you firm thinks that the CAD Manager position really is valuable…  Don’t think of the person when reviewing these questions – think of the position itself.  Would the answers be yes to these questions no matter who filled the spot?

Is the CAD Manager accountable for resources like people, technology, and budgets? If the position has to report to someone else that develops or controls these areas, then the position may not have enough clout.  I am not saying that no one else will look over or approve your budget, but that the CAD Manager is the one who develops it.

Does the firm invest in and appreciate the CAD Managers knowledge? Are they willing to  pay for training for the CAD Manager?  Do they see this position as one that is knowledge based?  CAD Managers are knowledge workers in the highest degree.  The level of knowledge they need to get their job done is very high.  The firm should have a track record of investing time and money in the expansion of the CAD Managers know how.

Is the CAD Manager position thought of as a problem solving position? When people have troubles,do they seek out the CAD Manager or others?  When people have problems, do others tell them to go see the CAD Manager?  If they do then this would show that the firm is focusing the problem resolution functions into this position.

Is the CAD Manager position seen as a change agent? or is it just a maintenance position?  Do people look for change to emanate from this position and title?  CAD Managers should be seen as change agents.  They are the ones that create or escort change through a firm.

Is the CAD Manager position interconnected to other managers? Collaboration is the key to getting things done in today’s firms and if the CAD Manager is not involved in the matrix of the firms middle managers, then they will be hampered in their effectiveness and have more trouble adding value.

Is the position viewed with value outside the firm? Do those inside your firm promote your position with those outside the firm?  Do you hear people saying “You need to talk to our CAD Manager” ?  The lack of respect from those inside your firm reflecting toward those outside your firm is a sure sign that the firm may not value the position very much.

Does your firm have a long view of your tasks? Just how long your firm looks a the position is a statement of value.  If they don’t talk about the CAD Manager functions in terms of years instead of months, then there may be a general lack of value invested inthe position by the firm.

So before we begin to ask questions about your personal impact, think through the impact that your position holds.  Does your firm value your job position?  If they do not, then you will have a harder time proving your personal worth.

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