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I mentioned the question about whether being at your job actually brings value to your firm.  In other words, is  you firm better off because you are there?

Lets take a closer look at this question and first ask “Does your position actually add value?”

We will look at this from the perspective of your firms understanding of the value of CAD Management.  Does your firm actually think that your position adds value?  This question is pointed at the position and not the person.  I am wanting to delve into the actual perspective of your firm on the position devoid of the person that may fill that position.

Here are some questions you can ask about the position you fill that will help you know if the position itself will actually add value to the company.  Answering these question may let you know what an uphill  battle you may be up against in your efforts to “prove” your value to a company.

Does the nature of CAD Management work actually bring value to the firm?

This first question focuses on the core reason for the existence of a position and where it differs in essence from those above it and below it.   What does the organization expect from this position?  No firm will value a position that does not make a difference.  The value is defined by the firm and not often defined by the person who fills that position.

Helping your firm define the value of your position is actually something that you will want to always work on.  Help them understand the value that this positions brings.  Let them know how this position defines and implements standards. Let them know how the position addresses process improvements.  Let them know how the position improves productivity.  Define these things apart from your accomplishments.  They are linked, but assisting them in valuing the position will assist in them valuing you as you fill that job function.

Most firms will have some posture on how valuable the job of CAD Manager is before you joined the firm.  You being there is an outgrowth of the firms value definition of the position.  They have already defined that they need a CAD Manager.  You join a firm or get a promotion with a predisposed perspective on “your” value that comes from their understanding of the firms needs and desires.  Once you are in the position, you can start defining and refining their understanding of the job.

Your job – once you join a firm is to clarify and refine the understanding of that firm as it relates to CAD Management.  Do they really understand the valuable nature of the job?  Do they provide the backing that is needed to get the job done?  Do they support and extend the authority of the position?

Working on these areas of the firms understanding is just as important as reviewing the CAD Standard.

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