CADDManager on June 2nd, 2009

File names will need to be coded by discipline. I have mentioned splitting things out by discipline and so you will need to define how to do that.   Some do it with abbreviations like Arch, Mech, Struct, etc.  You can also shorten them to just letters.

Here is a quick list – based on the NCS.

Discipline Designator – Description

3D- 3D Software generated Items
A – Architectural
B – Geotechnical
C – Civil
D – Process
E – Electrical
F – Fire Protection
G – General
H – Hazardous Material
I – Interiors
J – Justice/Detention
K – Food Service
L – Landscape
M – Mechanical
O – Operations
P – Plumbing
Q – Equipment
S – Structural
T – Telecommunication
U – Railway
V – Survey / Mapping
W – Civil Works
X – Other Disciplines
TY – Security
Z – Contractors / Shop Drawings

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  1. Hello,

    We use I for instrumentation and J as an alternate letter for instrumentation. P is piping (plumbing usually fits in the piping discipline. K – Food Service is not an engineering branch? O – Operations is not an engineering branch? K & O were either used for some other designation or not used at all (free radicals).

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