CADDManager on February 29th, 2016

I once had the opportunity to listen to a fire investigator talk about uncovering the means, methods and motives behind arsonist activity. It was a wonderful talk about how she researched and looked for subtle clues on the starting location and spread of a fire and how accelarants may have been used. Accelerants are substances […]

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CADDManager on February 25th, 2015

Like most people, I have documents, data and information stored in Google Drive.  Like most IT people, I am concerned about backups.  I find that I have backup processes in place and multiple options.  I have backups of my backups.  I have cloud backups and local hard drive backups and external device backups and thumb […]

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CADDManager on July 17th, 2013

I am always looking for new tools…  Just announced today…  a new Import from Google Utility and Point Station and Offset Report Utility for IMAGINiT’s Utilities for Civil 3D. In addition to the new Utilities, IMAGINiT has also enhanced the existing AutoOffset Utility to include compatibility with the 2014 version of Autodesk Civil 3D. Read […]

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CADDManager on May 15th, 2013

Testing Beta software is always something that I encourage people to get involved in. A major upgrade to V-Ray for SketchUp (now in version 1.6) has just hit public beta. This is a free open beta that you can tap into.  There are 16 additional features in this beta offering. Some of the intriguing features […]

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CADDManager on March 20th, 2011

I am a big baseball fan.  I love to watch the games unfold.  I see the strategy and execution of the players and managers work and at times fail.  I see errors cause losses and luck initiate wins.  I see great teams come and go.  I see star players retire and new players replace them. […]

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CADDManager on October 12th, 2010

My perspective may not be the final word on this subject, but I have seen so many of these that I do have some suggestions. It may not make for the perfect presentation, but if this advice were taken then at least I would be happier. 🙂 Many of these have been used by presenters […]

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CADDManager on October 11th, 2010

I have seen so many vendor presentations in my career that I cannot count them. Some have been forgettable, some unforgettable, some boring, some exciting, but they have all been done with the best intentions. I am speaking on the general presentations that are made to large crowds either in person or via the web. […]

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CADDManager on October 4th, 2010

I have sat in on quite a few software presentations from vendors and have noticed that they are generally selling features.  Or should I say “telling” me about the features. I have heard that there is a subtle differentiation from selling and telling.  In an audio book that I listened to some time back called […]

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CADDManager on June 16th, 2010

What will make it the last gasp for CAD?  What will be the final nail in the coffin of 2D CAD?  Will there be one final function that will move everyone to 3D? Here are some events, items of functions that could make CAD be gone forever… 1.  We move away from hard copy deliverables.   […]

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