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Being Flexible

Flexibility means that you can change.  You may initiate change, but are you open to change that is initiated by others or by circumstances? When someone comes to you with an idea or a need for change you don’t react in such a way that causes them concern or appears to not be welcoming to ideas. You should basically appear non-reactive.  That is not to say that you do not react. You ponder and provide feedback and interact with the idea or need.  Good Managers move toward embracing every great ideas. No matter who generated it.

When change is brought by circumstances, errors, failure of plan A or B, or just another better idea, there should be an embrace and extend perspective. Unlike Microsoft and others, you should not move to adding the third “E” of extinguish (or exterminate). Our friends at Microsoft would add the third “E” to take over new areas and move competitors aside as they did. Adding Value does not mean you eliminate things, but rather embrace them.  Make it your goal to assist others in getting great ideas to spread.Flexible_640

Being flexible also means you are not anchored to the way things are now. You continue the profitable measures and move aside the unwanted ones. You are responsive when you or others find that the status quo is not making things better, but trapping productivity in the past.

Flexible means you also bend a little on the items that can be flexed. Standards that can be set aside temporarily to get the project moving and then complied with in a later phase. You also look for patterns of flexing the standard to see if maybe it is too rigid.

Flex a little. It will make you a better leader.

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