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A tech manager is committed to the success of the software, projects and team members. They are always focused on the goal of getting and keeping the technology in working order. They strive for better tools and effective use of those tools. They are dedicated. They are in it for the long haul. They never give up. They look for ways around road blocks. They rethink their plan when they encounter resistance. They consistently stay the course and adjust as needed.

MarathonThey know that the support and improvement of CAB/BIM is like a marathon. You have to keep running. Sometimes it is like a sprint and other times it is like jogging or even walking. They adjust so that they can keep going for the long haul.

They are devoted to bringing out the best in others and improving their skills. The commitment they have includes teaching instructing, nudging reminding and encouraging others to produce the quality needed for a superior model, file and plotted output.

They think about how things might be better. They ponder new ways of doing things that will decrease downtime. The think long and hard about the impact of changes to the system or processes. They consider the change from the perspective of others. They desire to not burden users with needless work or efforts that do not produce better output. If they are cluttering up the production flow by over critiquing or micromanaging, the recognize it and step aside.

Committed Tech Managers can bring more value by having a laser focus on the right goals, commit to the team, and march forward.


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