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Lighten Up

Don’t take things so seriously.  I can be viewed as being serious most of the time and need to take this advice. I don’t take things so seriously, but I might project a serious temperament that impacts others by making them think that I am soooo serious.

When things get tough – lighten up. Make a joke. Laugh about it. Help others get through it by not thinking that it is the end of the world. Stress breeds more stress. Unless there is some relief, it might end up impacting your teams ability to respond to tough situations.Stress

Many teams blow off steam by complaining about end users not knowing their right hand from their left. This may be okay in small measures if contained within the back halls and offices of the support team, but should not spill out in general meetings. A little is okay, but a lot can kill your teams trust factor with others.

When thing really pile up, consider backing off a little on the pressure to perform. Taking a break from the stress of deadlines and goals to just breath a little. Let your team know that they can slip a little – not much, just a little. Take stress off the team by lightening the moment. Just laugh about the stress.

Go to extremes.  Suggesting that “we should all just quit” followed by “but seriously” can lighten a really tough moment. Make yourself the butt of the joke. “Maybe I need to go back to CAD/BIM Manager School” or something that pokes fun at yourself. Don’t pick on others or make end users the brunt of your jokes. That would not be advisable. They might be easy targets, but it would not be proper.

Once you have cut through the tension, get them back on track and strive to have renewed vigor to meeting and exceeding expectations.

How does this add value? It keeps your team focused and resilient in the face of stress. It makes your team stronger and better able to plow through tough times.


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