CADDManager on October 27th, 2008
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We have been looking at the nature of the position you fill as CAD Manager and found several spots that may need review before you delve into the value that you may personally bring to the position.  You may want to go back and read the first three installments of this series before you go further.

We started with a simple question…  Is your firm better off because you work there?

We now turn to the actual value that you bring to your firm by filling the position that you have.  By doing this, it is hoped that you will find many things that you bring to the table and maybe a couple that you need to work on.

Let’s dig in…

Are you an Expert?  I have heard that some firms shy away from using the word expert when talking about their staff.  This is because the level of expectations from a legal point of view are higher on “experts” than on those who do not claim that title.  By adding “expert” to marketing docs and org charts, they are concerned that owners could sue them on a higher level if there were some problems in a deliverable.

What is an expert?  I have heard some definitions over the years, but the best one I can remember is from Harvard Business Review (can’t remember the author)

They listed the following (paraphrased here)

It is someone that delivers consistent performance that is superior to their peers, that produces concrete results using knowledge that can be provided on demand.

Expertise is demonstrated by measurable, consistently superior performance.

They also mentioned that Experts are Made – not Born.

Are you adding expert level services to your firm?  Do you perform on a consistent level?  with superior performance?  Should you really strive for anything less?

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