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Stay the course. Keep on task. Work the plan.

Having the mental stamina and clarity to do what needs to be done takes discipline. It may  include living within the rules, but in the context I am mentioning, it is staying within the framework that you and others agreed upon. It is sticking to the plan. It is methodically doing the minutia so that the grand plan can unfold.

As in golf or any other sport that has a pathway that must be followed. You do not get the best rewards by playing hole 3 then 7, then 2, then 12. You must go in order.  With work there are also steps and paths to follow within projects. Some things need to happen first , then next and so on. Items cannot be completed out of order. You also do not use a putter when you are in a sand trap. Nor a driver when you are on the green.  Putter

It is obvious that in golf and other sports you follow a path, stay within the boundaries, run the lane you are in. but in work there are not so many obvious tracks. You need to define them and then march along the route.

It is hard to not chase the shiny. It is difficult to stick to the recipe. There are so many enticements to cut corners, not worry about details, or skip steps. When that happens something may come back to haunt you.  Check and double check. Verify everything – twice. Make sure that the dots connect.

As you march down your agreed upon plan, always adjust as needed when one step does not produce as expected… but keep going until you can see the outcome. Prioritize and move on each step in the proper order. Avoid random attacks on problems or projects. Be methodical.

It is boring at times. It is tedious. There is little fanfare along the path.  But you will reap rewards of knowing that you had everything in line and marching in the same direction. You will see consistent outcomes that are positive. You will see successes come as you discipline your work and stay within the plan.

How does discipline add value?  By defining a plan and then driving that plan forward with discipline, you insure that the proper steps were defined and completed. By doing this, you take away the doubt of “missing” something and you relieve stress by knowing what will be done next. It also encourages others when they know you have a plan and a method.

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