CADDManager on March 8th, 2016
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Being the best you can be for your firm calls for you to refine and zero in on the items that bring the most value. A thorough knowledge base is essential. The knowledge base must be so ingrained and integrated into your being that it become second nature. You just know the answer. You know about the area of discussion and you have a well thought out perspective.  It may not be the only perspective out there, but it comes from pondering and analyzing the information that you have. The point is to focus on the user and what they need to know/learn. You share that knowledge because you have it.  You do not focusing on the knowledge base itself. Tech Managers are not here to collect information and store data. We are here to pass it on.library_640

The gathering of knowledge does not lead to boasting either. You should know a lot, but you should not shove it in people faces. When you pass on information/knowledge, it should empower others to get their jobs done, not show off what you know. The excellent tech manager leads from a solid knowledge base, without having to draw attention to it.

It is ever expanding. It is constantly growing because you feed it. You read and discuss. You ask questions and make a note of the answer. You should still be excited to get a new tip. To see something that you had not seen before.

Knowledge is your foundation. Gather it all the time.

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