CADDManager on April 29th, 2008

I just received the latest ZweigWhite Information Technology Survey for 2008. It provides a wealth of information to see where the industry is going and how you may stack up. It is an annual survey of A/E firms. This year 129 firms participated. Data was collected during Jan, Feb and March of 2008.

I eagerly look through this document for interesting information about all sorts of topics. They have 10 areas of survey results that range from firm information, to CAD and BIM, to Project Web sites, to communication tools and so much more.

I have tracked the last few publications and found that the level of CAD Standards development has increased over the years.

In 2006 91% of the firms responded that they had a written CAD Standard. In 2007 it went up to 92%. Now in 2008 it is 94%. Of this percentage 67% say that the standard covers all offices. 15% have differing standards for differing locations and 12% use a client or specific project standard.

It is encouraging to think that almost everyone now has a written standard. How good they are may be another question. How often they are reviewed and enforced may be another.

Does your firm have a written standard?

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2 Responses to “Written CAD Standards – making progress”

  1. our company has a written standard, that is below standard. I need to sink some real time into it.

  2. The real question of the 90+ percent is are they able to keep the standard updated? With software changing at least every couple of years it is difficult to keep the standard in line with the latest version and difficult to upgrade due to customizations included in the standard.

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