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Do you add Value? – Providing Structure

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CAD Managers give structure to CAD processes.

Are you providing the structure that your firm needs?  Structure comes from more than just the CAD Standards.

Here are a few things that provide structure to your firm:

1.  Purchasing processes. I have talked about having an approved software list when I wrote on Preventative CAD Management [18] and how they can provide you with a structure for selecting and purchasing software.  Keep a list of the software that your firm uses and stick to it.

2.   Defined migration plans for upgrades. Thing like When to Upgrade [19] and When others are Jumping. [20] But beyond that – do you provide a well planned out migration process for upgrading.  I wrote on this for AUGI some time back (starting in May 2005) – take a look. [21]

3.   The CAD Standards. You number one way of providing structure.  Here are a few post on that issue.

CAD Standards – Not set in Stone [22]

Written CAD Standards [23]

CAD Standards based on Principles [24]

Or just the whole topic of CAD Standards [25]

4.   Troubleshooting problems. Do you bring a structure to your investigations of troubles.  Systematic approaches to finding out what the root problem is and moving toward an answer.

5.   Training. Do you develop a structured approach and outline to training?  The overarching plan and the outline of each class.

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