CADDManager on February 29th, 2016

I once had the opportunity to listen to a fire investigator talk about uncovering the means, methods and motives behind arsonist activity. It was a wonderful talk about how she researched and looked for subtle clues on the starting location and spread of a fire and how accelarants may have been used. Accelerants are substances […]

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CADDManager on February 23rd, 2016

Some firms have no trouble allowing their CAD/BIM/Tech Manager to grow into the best manager and leader they can be. (see prior post on the Tech Manager title).  Some firms seem to constrain, deny, divert, circumvent and otherwise undermine the effectiveness of the Tech Manager. They do not let the person expand to fill voids […]

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CADDManager on February 22nd, 2016

As I outlined in the last issue of AUGI Magazine, I have started using the term Tech Manager. I use this as an all inclusive title for CAD, BIM, CAM, CAFM, 3D Design, Makers and so many other “manager” titles. I think the term “tech manager” embodies the breadth of duties and responsibilities that have […]

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CADDManager on February 11th, 2016

What was the most advanced tool that Autodesk ever created that was folded? Way back when… In the days when tablets were a hot ticket for CAD Users, everyone wanted one. Autodesk responded to this demand by providing the Tablet Menu below.  Folded and included in the box with the install media. Just unfold it, […]

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