CADDManager on April 25th, 2006

Totally cool interactive demo for ADT 2007 on the Autodesk site. You may see it as a blatant sales pitch, but it does address some of the questions that most non-users may ask. I am all for getting as much info as I can about the tools I choose or am looking into purchasing. Give […]

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CADDManager on April 25th, 2006

From what I can remember it looks like not much change from ADT 2006 Recommended System Requirements Intel Pentium 4 processor, 3 GHz or greater Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later) 2 GB RAM 1.9 GB free disk space 1280×1024 monitor and display adapter capable of 32-bit color 128 MB or greater, OpenGL-capable workstation-class graphics […]

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CADDManager on April 24th, 2006

I attended an analyst briefing on the topic of “Why are CAD and CAE software so hard to use?” by Steve Wolfe of Cyon Research. It was a lively discussion on the topic of why CAD seems to be so hard for people to learn and what can be done about it. Many of the […]

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CADDManager on April 21st, 2006

I am attending COFES (Congress on the Future of Engineering Software). COFES is a gathering of vendors, users, developers, marketing and even venture capitalists in the desert of Arizona. There is an open exchange of ideas and thoughts among the participants that relate to where the various industries are headed and what the future may […]

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CADDManager on April 20th, 2006

A federal jury in East Texas returned a $18 million verdict against Autodesk for infringing on two software patents owned by a Michigan technology company. Read more…

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CADDManager on April 19th, 2006

I wrote this article for the April AUGI Hot News… I reproduce it some of it here. Most of us would not readily admit that we have hacked a CAD file at some point in our careers. In fact, many of us do not know that we may actually be hacking CAD files right now. […]

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CADDManager on April 13th, 2006

Are you a subscriber? In this months issue… Traits of a Good CAD User – What do good users look like? A four part list of what it takes to be a good CAD User. Twenty items on the list. There may be some items on this list that you still need to add to […]

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CADDManager on April 12th, 2006

System Recommendations Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, 2.8 GHz, or equivalent AMD Athlon® processor Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (SP2 or later) 2 GB RAM <==== 1 GB free disk space 1280×1024 monitor and display adapter capable of 24-bit color Two-button mouse with scroll wheel Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or later) Internet connection for license registration

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CADDManager on April 5th, 2006

2D users may glide right into AutoCAD 2007, but if you are going to be doing 3D in the newest version of AutoCAD, you better beef up your machine… System requirements for AutoCAD 2007 for users who are focusing on 2D drawing creation are as follows: Intel® Pentium® IV processor recommended Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional […]

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