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Tech Manager – A New Title

As I outlined in the last issue of AUGI Magazine, I have started using the term Tech Manager. I use this as an all inclusive title for CAD, BIM, CAM, CAFM, 3D Design, Makers and so many other “manager” titles. I think the term “tech manager” embodies the breadth of duties and responsibilities that have grown past CAD, embraced BIM and fully encompass design, production, manufacturing, fabrication and management using Autodesk and other technical design tools. The areas of influence and impact for this position often bleed into all areas of technology use within a firm. It includes skills and talents on the technical side, the art of management, the coordination of production, the guiding of projects and the oversight of people.

I will still use CAD Manager and BIM Manager and other titles, but wanted to move toward a broader embrace without having to list all of the titles associated with the areas you all oversee.

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