CADDManager on March 26th, 2012

Much hoopla always surrounds the release of new software from Autodesk.  It is touted as having new features, new functions, new fixes and more.  With the new software comes greater focus on Autodesk products.  As such, the stock price advances. I wanted to compare the most highly spoken of stock in recent months to Autodesk […]

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CADDManager on March 26th, 2012

I am traveling to San Francisco for the Autodesk Media Summit event.  Today is a travel day and the event takes place tomorrow and Wednesday morning. We will hear from Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO and other executives.  We will get a sneak peek and technical briefing on Autodesk products, interact with the development teams and […]

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CADDManager on March 15th, 2012

Once again Cyon Research is working on a deep market survey of users. This is a follow up of the survey they did last year. The survey is designed to provide software and hardware vendors and their channel a better understanding of where market opportunities lie, and to identify which customers to pay attention to. […]

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CADDManager on March 13th, 2012
This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Decision Making

We were discussing situation and influences on our decision making processes.  One that I have not brought up yet is the cost of getting it wrong.  I always get in the wrong line at the grocery store.  I try to get it right, but always seem to pick the wrong line that ends up taking […]

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