CADDManager on October 31st, 2011

We need to retain the ability to put together a set of Plans I mentioned this before so this is an expansion on that comment.  You should be thinking about how a set of plans are used and then group them for maximum efficiency and clarity.  The entire set should tell a story that starts […]

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CADDManager on October 12th, 2011

As some have commented, there may not be a need to learn hand lettering, mechanical pencil manipulation or how to use a protractor, but there are some things that I think were matured during the hand drafting and document preparation days that should not be forgotten. Here is what I think should not be lost.  […]

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CADDManager on October 10th, 2011

All of this hands-on method of drafting may soon (or already) be a thing of the past.  All of the methods that assisted in the proper training and development of the designers mind may be slipping away due to no longer needing them in today’s high tech world of advanced tools.  This small section of […]

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CADDManager on October 7th, 2011

My biggest fear in bringing this topic us is to be thought of as a curmudgeon, a Luddite or an old school voice crying over the bygone days.  I am not – but first a little history lesson. The Luddites were a social movement that advocated the destruction of the mechanized looms that were revolutionizing […]

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CADDManager on October 6th, 2011

Way back when, when all the drafting functions were done with a mechanical pencil in hand there were many talents that a drafter had to develop in order to make plans readable.  The artistic flavor of their lettering was developed over time.  The twist of a pencil to make consistent line weights was an artistic […]

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CADDManager on October 3rd, 2011

“I come to praise drafting and not to bury it.”  Not exactly the reversal of a quote you may expect in a Shakespeare play, but appropriate for our context. I was recently cleaning out my parent’s garage after my father passed away.  There was a lot of “junk” that just never got thrown away as […]

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