CADDManager on February 28th, 2005

A survey conducted by temporary staffing company Accountemps now gives visibility to the most annoying jargon smattered about offices throughout corporate America. According to the 150 senior executives polled… 15 MOST ANNOYING CLICHES As identified by the Accountemps survey 1. At the end of the day 2. Solution 3. Thinking outside the box 4. Synergy […]

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CADDManager on February 23rd, 2005

Some of you may be missing out on some very good tutorial material provided by Autodesk because it did not install with your product. When ADT 2005 was installed on my machine I did not get the VIZ tutorials. So when I clicked on the tutorial section of the Help, I got no response. Some […]

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CADDManager on February 22nd, 2005

I attended the South Coast Revit User Group meeting held at WATG in Newport beach last week. It was a gathering of about 27 people. They focused on setting up project templates and what should be included. Robert Carpenter presented some real world examples from projects he had completed with ONYX Architects in Pasadena. Steve […]

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CADDManager on February 17th, 2005

Have you noticed that some software packages add “analog” looking styles to output. You can “Squiggle” your CAD files. You can smudge your Photoshop stuff. All in an effort to make things appear to be hand drawn. Well “bust my buttons”, as the Wizard of OZ would say… I think that we may have lost […]

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CADDManager on February 14th, 2005

You have some great tools to assist you with importing your menus, toolbar items, and keyboard shortcuts (accelerators) from previous versions of AutoCAD into AutoCAD 2005. Autodesk has provided the tools on their web site. Link to Autodesk Migration Tools

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CADDManager on February 10th, 2005

Just a reminder – and I am so thankful for this… No more Object Enablers Clipped directly from the Autodesk site… “Drawings are saved in their native format and transferred to the recipient with no additional steps required. The Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 Object Enabler is incorporated into the installation of AutoCAD 2005-based products, including […]

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CADDManager on February 7th, 2005

The February Issue of the Journal has been published. Click here to read it In This Journal Pareto Analysis – Selecting the Most Important Problem to Address ETransmit – Part 3 Tech Tip – ABS Export to AutoCAD Autodesk ScriptPro Latest CAD News – link to our website Latest Web Update – CAD Leadership – […]

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CADDManager on February 4th, 2005

Just how much do you know about your software? How much do you use of the overall software tools available in your package? Most of the firms I have come in contact with will admit that the users in their offices do not use all of the power that the software provides. They would also […]

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CADDManager on February 2nd, 2005

If you are working in Multiple Drawing Interface (SDI mode set to “1”) you can view multiple drawings on the Windows Taskbar. Set the TASKBAR system variable to 1 to display multiple open drawings as separate items on the Windows taskbar. You can then use the Alt+TAB keys to quickly switch from drawing to drawing. […]

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