CADDManager on February 23rd, 2005

Some of you may be missing out on some very good tutorial material provided by Autodesk because it did not install with your product. When ADT 2005 was installed on my machine I did not get the VIZ tutorials. So when I clicked on the tutorial section of the Help, I got no response. Some one else did the install for me, so I do not know if they selected everything to be installed. I usually install everything I can get from the CD from the get go.


I discovered that I needed to install the Tutorials from the original install CD. This may be the case for you also. Here is how I did it…

1. Exit all open AutoCAD based programs

2. Insert the original ADT Installation CD in your computer

3. At the main menu, select Install

4. At the Install Menu – select install (step 2) – the system will prepare to install

5. At the setup screen – select Add or Remove Features

6. Select Next

7. Open the Program Files area by clicking on the Plus sign

8. Drop down to Tutorials and click on the Plus sign

9. Click on the disk icon next to VIZ Render Tutorial

10. Select “Will be installed on Local Hard Drive”

11. Click Next at the bottom of the dialog

12. Click Next until the process is completed. It should prompt you for the 3rd CD.

Simple enough – but a needed step to get all the tools provided. Give it a try and take a look at the stuff provided. It just might help.

And by default – you should install everything from the CD the first time.

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