CADDManager on January 30th, 2005

Check out the variable VISRETAIN. Type in on the command line. It most likely is set to “1” which means retain the XREF layer settings. This is a good thing and it should be set to “1”. But if there are visibility problems – it may have become corrupted. You may start getting layers not […]

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CADDManager on January 27th, 2005

I was reading a discussion group thread about REVIT this morning and how it is difficult to create a FLAT roof. This is because flat roofs are not really flat. The discussion thread provided a lot of suggested solutions, but there was not a definite answer in the thread. At lunch I was talking with […]

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CADDManager on January 25th, 2005

I have often forgotten some of those obscure Shortcut keys… So here is a list… For a PDF of the Shortcut Keys  go to this post [NOTE: the FULL and  latest list is here] CTRL+A – Selects ALL objects in drawing CTRL+B – Toggles Snap CTRL+C- Copies objects to Clipboard CTRL+D- Toggles coordinate display CTRL+E- Cycles […]

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CADDManager on January 24th, 2005

I use to think that there were no more people out there that needed basic AutoCAD training. Boy was I wrong. I continue to run across new users of the product. Most of them are over 30 or so and I wonder if the basic training needs are being taken care of in school. High […]

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CADDManager on January 15th, 2005

I just attended my first AUGI Board meeting. I was impressed with the professionalism of all of the Board members and the efficiency of Yoshi Honda. The guy knows how to run a meeting. I am also impressed with the level of dedication that the Board has to promote, protect, educate and motivate the members. […]

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CADDManager on January 13th, 2005

Keyboard shortcuts are defined in the file KeyboardShortcuts.txt in the Revit folder. You can use a text editor to modify this file and add keyboard shortcuts in format: “shortcut” menu:”menu-string”

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CADDManager on January 10th, 2005

Can I get a single line text editor for MTEXT? The default dialog box for MText is complex. There are some who want a simple interface for this command. There is a single line dialog box with the ability to bring up the full editor if needed. To set it up enter a new value […]

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