CADDManager on January 25th, 2005

I have often forgotten some of those obscure Shortcut keys…

So here is a list…

For a PDF of the Shortcut Keys  go to this post

[NOTE: the FULL and  latest list is here]

CTRL+A – Selects ALL objects in drawing

CTRL+B – Toggles Snap

CTRL+C- Copies objects to Clipboard

CTRL+D- Toggles coordinate display

CTRL+E- Cycles through isometric planes

CTRL+F- Toggles running object snaps

CTRL+G- Toggles Grid

CTRL+H- Toggles PICKSTYLE on/off

CTRL+J- Executes last command

CTRL+L- Toggles Ortho mode

CTRL+N- Creates a new drawing

CTRL+O- Opens existing drawing

CTRL+P- Prints current drawing

CTRL+R- Cycles layout viewports

CTRL+S- Saves current drawing

CTRL+T- Toggles Tablet mode

CTRL+V- Pastes data from Clipboard

CTRL+X- Cuts objects to Clipboard

CTRL+Y- Repeats last action

CTRL+Z- Reverses last action

CTRL+[- Cancels current command – forget this – use escape key

CTRL+\ – Cancels current command – forget this – use escape key

F1 – Displays Help

F2- Toggles text window on/off

F3- Toggles OSNAP

F4- Toggles TABMODE

F5- Toggles ISOPLANE

F6- Toggles COORDS

F7- Toggles GRIDMODE


F9- Toggles SNAPMODE

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