CADDManager on January 27th, 2005

I was reading a discussion group thread about REVIT this morning and how it is difficult to create a FLAT roof. This is because flat roofs are not really flat. The discussion thread provided a lot of suggested solutions, but there was not a definite answer in the thread.

At lunch I was talking with someone who was exploring REVIT and I asked about his impressions of the product. He mentioned that he could not create a FLAT roof. Hmmm … a pattern?

It is most likely the little things that will prevent some folks from moving ahead with implementation of software.

I do not know if flat roofs are possible or not. I have not tried to create one. But I do know that it is often little things like this (not to demean the need for flat roofs) that prevent people from adopting new technology. A bad taste in the mouth.

Now I know that software is not perfect. It can be limiting to those who use it. But you (CAD Manager) need to help people move past a bad tasting bite with their software and embrace the rest of the meal.

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4 Responses to “It’s the little things”

  1. I can not see what the problem is with creating a flat roof in Revit. It is easier than falling of a log: Roof, Roof by Extrusion,make one edge Slope Defining and set the degree of angle of the roof. Difficult?!
    tom, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Often in the USA the roof slope is created with tapered insulation. So the top surface is sloped, but the bottom is flat. Try building that easily in revit. . . . .

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