CADDManager on March 29th, 2007

Have you ever checked your Internet Speed? Here is a link to the tool that I use. It is very easy to use and the results are very understandable. Try it out. Here is another one that uses the same engine (by Speakeasy) but has a different interface. It also has comparisons to others and […]

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CADDManager on March 28th, 2007

Being the survey kind of guy that I am, I sent out a survey to get some feedback from the employees that were involved in the move. I used Zoomerang. It is an online web based survey program. Here are some of the results… Did your computer work when you arrived? Yes – 91%No – […]

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CADDManager on March 26th, 2007

This event is the main focus of the MicroStation community and is coming very soon to southern California. Two areas that I want to find out more about include: Innovations by MicroStation

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CADDManager on March 23rd, 2007

Well, here is the list of things that did not come off as planned… 1. Xerox plotter blew the power supply – down time – 2 days 2. DHCP was not handing out IP addresses correctly to some stations – downtime – 30 minutes 3. Some users not mapping correctly, error in the login script […]

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CADDManager on March 22nd, 2007

From their website… The BE Conference will offer value to individuals and organizations looking for better ways to work and better ways to achieve optimal performance: Hours and hours of accredited learning A variety of networking opportunities Best practice sharing from peers and knowledge leaders Technology updates across all industries and disciplines Access to […]

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CADDManager on March 21st, 2007

We created an overall plan of attack for the move. We stepped through each issue and discussed the needed information, who would get it and what we would do as the next step. Several times we came across issues that required input from others. We invited them to our meeting and got critical input. CAD […]

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CADDManager on March 20th, 2007

We had our first IT Moving Day meeting on January 17th, 2007. The move was on March 17, 2007. We met every week on Tuesday at 9:30 am for one hour. All IT staff was involved. We discussed every aspect of the move. Server issues, CAD licensing issues, prepping plotters, scanners, printers, desktop issues. All […]

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CADDManager on March 19th, 2007

Tonight I get to go home at regular time. We are moving about 150 people into a new building from our old digs. We have been planning this move for quite a while and things went very much according to plan (whew). The move was staged so that we could move our servers, desktops, infrastructure […]

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CADDManager on March 15th, 2007

I mentioned that Ethereal CAD is an environment that is all talk and no action. This means that it would have a woefully under developed CAD Standard, if it had one at all. The CAD Standard would leave out critical items like file naming, folder structure, layer names, etc. By doing this it ends up […]

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