CADDManager on March 19th, 2007

Tonight I get to go home at regular time. We are moving about 150 people into a new building from our old digs. We have been planning this move for quite a while and things went very much according to plan (whew).

The move was staged so that we could move our servers, desktops, infrastructure and all in one weekend. 21 machines and 8 UPS’s. This collection included an Exchange server, data servers, SQL servers, print servers, FTP server, Web server, NAS, Riverbeds, Polycom MGC, DNS, DHCP, Barracuda, license servers and more.

It was exhausting, but we were able to achieve the move and have things ready for a 7:00 am return of the workers this morning. I am finally getting some breathing room and can post on the blog.

One glitch that did show up was our Xerox 8830 plotter (yeah – it’s old. We are replacing it soon) blew a power supply, so we cannot plot. The ETA for replacement is two days.

I will be posting this week on what and how we did some of the planning and prep.

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