CADDManager on August 26th, 2008

Tools – Talent – Technology – Training

These four T’s can be used to define your efforts in you job. Combine these four and you get a balanced approach to CAD.

Now let’s look at Talent

Talent relates to who is using the tools. Do they have a gut level understanding of how they are used? Do they get it? Do they push the limits?

The Talent that comes to your firm is you raw material.  The actual personal make up of the person that is using CAD.  This is not training, not a learned response, not a list of steps followed.  I am talking about the ability of your team to “get it”. defines talent as:

1. a special natural ability or aptitude
2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability

This is the innate natural ability to understand or figure out CAD and BIM tools.  You do not learn it – you appear to be born with it.  Talent can be enhanced by learning, but there is a internal aptitide that is there waiting to come out.

People with talent are a smaller percentage than some would wish.  Some think that every person can be and do the same way.  This is not true with CAD and you don’t have to look very far to see it in action.  I bet you can rank your users by their ability to use CAD.  I am sure that some will rise to the top and others will fall toward the bottom of the list.

Talent is what sets some users apart from others.  They just seem to figure things out. They can see through the difficulties and find answers.  They seem to be a step ahead of others.  They approach technology without fear.

These users are your best bet for enlisting for assistance.  Get them on your team and you stand a better chance of success.

Spotting Talent:

The CAD Manager needs to hone their skill of spotting talent. By keeping your eyes and ears open, you will improve your speed at finding the ones that have that special spark.  Listen to the questions people ask. Look for the ones that are asking questions beyond the process and procedure level.  Talented people will ask “why” and not just “how”.  Keep your eyes out for who is being sought out by others as the go to person.  These are the ones that have the talent you need.

Attracting Talent:

Spotting talent is not enough.  You have to attract talented people.  You do this by having an environment that provides the raw materials of CAD and the space to mix these materials in the lab.  You set up an environment of learning and sharing.  You do it by hosting user meetings at your offices and invite in those outside.  You share your knowledge with the industry this way and others will want to join your firm.

Talent is what makes your team shine.  Nurture those with talent and they will help you make progress.

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