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I am changing the flow of these posts in mid stream – sorry.  I realized that I wanted to define the disposition prior to seeing how it plays out in your leadership style.  So with that in mind, here is the next one.

Those that are disposed to a Structure oriented leadership will display the following attributes:

1.  Look to improve structure – define the organizational setup and workflow.  They are in tune with how the org chart sets up proper decision making trees and how the undocumented org chart (the one that really defines who decides what) impacts the day in and day out choices that are made.  Process and Procedure are their playground.

2. Look to create structure – if one is missing.  They desire to have something defined as to who does what and where the decision points are.  They seek to lay out the flow of work and how processes are managed.  They need to know who “owns” a certain function or initiative.

3. Look to stay within the defined structure.  If there is a process or procedure, they will follow it – or change it.  They want to know how things are reviewed, defined and implemented so they can work within the guidelines.  They color inside the lines.

4. Look to make sure that the right people were involved.  Most of time someone complains about a final decision, it is because they were not informed, advised or asked for input.  The outcome is really fine, but they were not included.  Structure oriented leaders will make sure the right people were involved.

5.  Look to make sure any revisions to procedure are locked in and become best practices.  Once something is set in place, they desire it to be set in concrete.  Not so much that they will never change, but that people follow the new guidelines.

If you see yourself in the above – you may have a disposition toward Structure.

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