CADDManager on August 12th, 2013
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Coming to my final leadership disposition in this series (there are many more, but I limited it to these four), we now look at the mind frame of expansion.

Those that look through the eyes of Expansion tend to have these traits:

1. Look at every challenge as an opportunity.  Not that others do not, but they seem to be able to see opportunity in the midst of calamity.  They see past the current difficulty to the next step that might be enabled after the fix is in place.

2. Look at all areas of a situation.  They see every area of impact for the decisions they make.  That impact may be people, process, platform or product.  They see what impact change might have on each of these areas.

3. Look at reward first.  They do not ignore the cost of change or expanding, but they focus on the reward of moving in a particular direction.  Risk comes before reward and they are willing to take some risks.

4.  Look past the bend in the road.  They tend to look farther out than most and see what tomorrow might look like.  They desire to reach forward and grab opportunity as it peeks its head out.

If this sounds like you, then you may be predisposed to expansion in your leadership style.


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