CADDManager on August 5th, 2013
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Your Leadership style may be focused on improvement and improving everything.  You look for ways to make things better, to streamline processes and reduce process steps.  You are in tune with the best ways of getting things done and finding the little step that can be removed, reduced, refocused or realigned to make things faster.

Your Actions will be to suggest adjustments and fine tuning of how people work or where things are located (moving machines) or what is needed at each phase of a process.  You will ask questions about “why” something is done a specific way and look for easier ways of getting the same things done.

Your First Thoughts are how can I shorten this process, avoid this step, make this move faster or move something closer to the point of need to make things work smoother.

The Positive – Things will be improved.  Processes will get reviewed and adjusted.  You will save the firm money and time by making things work better.

The Negative – people might get annoyed if you start fine tuning something they think is working fine.  People tend to settle into routines that work and they may see no need to adjust them.  What you may see as waste, may not be seen as such by others.  You may tend to adjust things that do not really need adjusting.  Your adjustments may not actually save time since people need to re-learn a new flow of work and that could delay progress.

Adjusting and refining is good, but keep in mind that a well tuned process that is working may not be “broken” and your adjustments may be seen as intrusions by others.  Blending this disposition with others will temper it.

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