CADDManager on August 13th, 2013
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Comments on Expansion as a disposition…

Your Leadership style is driven by moving farther and climbing higher.  It may mean moving farther into an existing area of expertise or venturing into new territory.  You push toward more.  You are frustrated when people appear skittish to make progress.

Your Actions will tend toward taking a risk on unproven processes or projects. You do this because the payoff may be worth it.  Failure does not slow you down.  You learn from troubles and move past tough times, looking for the next area to improve.

The Positive is that you are very resilient.  You are a positive person and look forward to a challenge.  You open new doors and make things happen.  You are a marathon thinker who operates in the short term sprint.

The Negative may be that you are not a maintainer and if that is part of the job, you may have troubles.  Tedious work annoys you.  Keeping the lights on is not your sweet spot.  Find others that can manage what you see as mundane.  Think about the long term impact of adding more and more into your arena if there is not a well oiled machine behind you to keep it going.

Mixing in maintenance thoughts will temper this disposition.


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