CADDManager on August 6th, 2013
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I found that I forgot to define this disposition well enough in the last post, so I figured I would come back to it again.

Those that are disposed to be improvement oriented will display the following attributes:

1. Look to improve processes.  These leaders will be looking for ways to make a system better.  They tend to see areas that could be improved by streamlining, removing roadblocks, shortening timelines, speeding things up or reducing steps.

2. Look to improve people.  They look for opportunities to teach and train others or just enlighten them in areas that they may be lacking a fuller perspective.  They are always thinking of ways to make their team stronger and more knowledgeable.

3. Look to improve the bottom line.  These leaders look for ways to save money or make more money.  Typically this is by saving steps, eliminating waste and making things move quicker.

4. Look to take stock of the current status.  By constantly looking at the current status of things, these leaders provide the basis for improvement.  Measuring and tracking is part of their standard procedures.  They tend to notice things slipping or things that are doing better.

5. Look to improve meetings.  Meetings at work can become time killers.  Most people do not like them if they run on an do not accomplish anything.  Leaders who seek to improve meetings will help the overall organization by keepiong things on track and moving forward.

6.  Look to review the goals and targets.  Improvers are those that review the goals often.  They reflect on the target and remind others of the overarching endpoint.

All of these are traits that someone may have if they are Improvers.

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