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I was asked recently about my leadership style.  Everyone has a leadership style.  It grows out of your disposition.  Your disposition is your habitual inclination or tendency to think in a specific way. It is the way you generally look at things.  You may be born with it or it may develop over many years.  It frames your internal viewpoint and your external responses to circumstances.

Your internal disposition is the lens you see everything through.  Do you think people are basically honest?  Are you generally trusting to strangers?  Do you think people will in general work hard?  Do you tend to work collaboratively when called on for decisions? All of these reflect your disposition and approach to leading.

Your external responses, at least the ones where you respond by reflex, are the first actions you think of when approaching others and circumstances around you.  If you are mistrusting, you will shy away from sharing too much or giving responsibility away.  If you think people are generally lazy, you will tend to drive people harder as you expect them to under-perform.  If you like to work with teams, you will gather together others to help you make decisions.

Your natural disposition can be adjusted by learning from others and seeing traits that work well, but you will mostly adjust your methods in ways that tend to leverage or build upon your natural tendencies.  With this in mind, let’s think a bit about how you can leverage your natural disposition to expand your influence and leadership prowess.

Over the next few posts, I will discuss how your leadership disposition sets the stage for your actions within four basic perspectives – using the RISE acronym

Results – getting projects done

Improvement – motivating and making people better

Structure – improve the system of things

Expansion – pushing into new territory





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