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Structure driven leaders…

Your Leadership is driven by specific defined processes and procedures.  Org charts are your friend. You look for order in the chaos.  You bristle at randomness.  Your heart rate goes up when things are done “on the fly”.

Your Actions will tend toward written processes and documented work flow.  You create policy and procedure.  You define how things are done.  You write manuals and guidelines for others.  You are tied to writing things down once so that many can reap the benefits.

Your First Thoughts are to look for documentation.  When a problem arises, you look to see if the proper steps were followed.  When a new feature is to be used, you write down how it is to be used.  When the organization is realigned, you want to see the org chart.  Who reports to who?  Who does what?

The Positive is that you will remind people that we already have a process for that and that if it was followed, we would not be in this problem.  When things go wrong you can quickly define the breaking point as you review the procedure that was used.  When others have gotten off track you can quickly restore things by referring to the manual.

The Negative is that people will be annoyed by your perceived strict adherence to the rules.  You will be seen as stifling creativity.  No one want to work with a person who beats them over the head with the rules.

Blending the creative side of leadership will help balance this disposition.

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