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For many many years the tension between employer and employee over fair pay has worked itself out in ways that range from great workplaces to those that encourage the workers to revolt.  It is incumbent upon the employer to set a fair wage and for the employee to agree that the wage is fair. If the employer sets a wage too low they may not get many takers.  If an employee expects too much they may not find an employer willing to meet those expectations.

Fayol also recommended that companies provide housing and such.  The concept of the company town.  That does not work much today as workers can and will define their living situations apart from the firm they work for.  It can still be seen in migrant farm worker populations still today.

So what does this have to do with CAD and BIM Managers?  Are they paid well enough?  You tell me with a comment?  Are you making a fair wage?

On an expanded idea,what are you “paying” those that help you?  Do you offer something to those that assist you in getting things done?   Payment is not provided as part of their wages,but you can still provide something that assists in the fairness and balance of them offering to assist you in getting your job done.  What can you do that costs nothing and yet “pays” those that help you?

Praise:  Pay them a verbal compliment.

Recognition: Tell others how they have helped you.

Honor:  Add the names of those that help you to your written reports to management.

Lunch:  Take them to lunch.  The company might pay you back and even if they don’t you may want to do this for those that really help.

Gift Cards: Another way of paying them back.  Keep it cheap.  Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Write them a card:  Not a mushy card.  Just a hand written note to them telling them how much you appreciate their help.



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