CADDManager on July 26th, 2011
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We discussed how Fayol allowed discussions across the org chart.  But can you do that?

Before you start thinking that just because others do it, you can…  let’s chat.

I have seen things get done effectively as people just cut thru the organization to find the valuable input and the real people that drive change.  They do it by moving across departments and divisions and make things happen. But can you do that just because others do?

It really boils down to who you work for. Does your boss and their boss allow you to wander the org chart and talk to whoever you want?  Do they ask you to talk to them first?  Do they need to provide approval before you start yapping it up with others from other areas?

Even though a firm may embrace the flexibility of open access to all, there may be hidden roadblocks to actually crossing the lines on the org chart.  Keep your eyes and ears open for signs of a controlling boss.

Here are a few:

  • They want to know a little too much about the process you use in getting your job done.  They are not offering input or coaching, they are just nosy.
  • They step into your discussions and take over.
  • When they find out you talked to someone they get upset.
  • They want to talk to others prior to having you talk to them.

Some of these may be legit if there are political and social landmines that you may step on.  If your boss has been around a long time then they may know who can derail your efforts.  Give them a chance to prove that they can smooth the waters prior to your involvement.  Maybe they can help.


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