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Do you like them or dislike them?  Maybe it has to do with who made them.  If you made them, then you will like them.  If others make them then you may not.  No one dislikes a rule that they created.  Unless of course it is a rule of discipline that will make gains based on your lose – like weight.  Make a rule to cut back on eating and you will lose the pleasure and satisfaction that may come from eating, but you will gain the pleasure of losing a little weight.

Fayol thought the workers should respect the rules.  That following the rule results in better production.  Do you agree?

Most CAD and BIM Managers will agree that there needs to be some guidelines and rules related to production.  That general chaos results from everyone doing what they please.  But just having a list of rules does not guarantee success.  Discipline in following those rules is needed.

Bending the Rules

This is when someone sets aside or flexes the rules beyond the norm. Bending the rules happens when someone decides that they need to work outside the lines and others agree or overlook or do not discover it happening.  This results in non standard files and models that are more difficult to pass around or use in a team environment.


It happens when those that oversee the implementation of the guidelines do not pay attention or allow it to happen.  It happens slowly, when no one is watching or when the enforcement slips a little.  Then it slips some more and then some more.  Soon you have a twisted project that does not respond as expected.

Remember that no one will care more about enforcement than you.  So every other person is going to do less and less.  You have to set the bar high so that others strive to keep up.

Vigilance at overseeing the guidelines is needed every day. As I have said before…  Follow the guidelines…  Every User, Every File, Every Project, Every office, Every Day

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