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In Step Four, you take your list that was created in Step Three and pick the ones that you want to focus on.

In Step Three you made a quick list of at least 20-30, then we started narrowing it down to 5-7 ideas that might be the best. Now is the time to start looking deeper at the 5-7 that you have.

If you have noticed, some of these steps start blending together.  They overlap and you may go back and forth between them filling in the blanks as you go. It is fine that they blend together as long as you stop at some point to make sure that you have completed each step.

This is also the step where you start looking at the firms overall goals and plans to see where your best efforts need to be. We will discuss that in further posts.

The Product of this Step:

Define the main goals you will want to reach.  You can think of these as Focus Statements.  They define the general targets that you want to hit.


  • Get projects started in Revit
  • Develop a library of Details

You may think that you just want to start at step 4 – don’t do it.  Do not forget to do step 1-3.  They are the groundwork that bring your targets into focus.  If you do not do steps 1-3 then you will just be striving after the issues of the moment and may undercut your long term progress.

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