CADDManager on January 6th, 2011
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I always like to start out defining what will be discussed and framing the posts in a series.  It helps to outline what will be included and what will not.

What I won’t try to do…

I will not try to define the perfect planning method.  There are so many out there that this would be tough to do anyway.What I am going to do is discuss what I have done in the past and keep it as simple as possible.

I  will not try to cover the grand scope of planning.  I will not try to discuss every option and critique current wisdom.  There is too much to cover.  With the expansive concepts and ideas and methods for planning that exist, it would take too much to  cover them all.

What I will try to do is this…

Give you a starting place.  I want to provide a spot to start or some additional thinking about getting started.  Where to start is sometimes the hardest thing to define.  People get caught up in the overwhelming scope of things and freeze up.  Starting simple is key.

Give you a framework for creating a strategic plan.  It will be simple, but workable.

Set you in motion.  I will talk about where to start and how to get moving.

Let you define your processes.  I will encourage you to make it your own.

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