CADDManager on January 26th, 2011
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Don’t worry about “HOW” yet. This step is not where you sift through everything and see what sticks. It is not time to think about how you are going to make things happen. This is just the idea phase. Dream a few big dreams and see what you might do.

You can include software and hardware desires. Think about process and procedural changes that might help your firm. Look to see what is not defined as well as you might like. Ponder the holes, the gaps and the missing links in your environment.

You may also think about building more into existing efforts. What is working and could reap more if tended to? Where can you expand one process that is seeing gains into other areas?

Keep the scope really large at this point. We will refine it later. Move quickly. The items that come to mind first are usually your most achievable ones. But don’t stop too soon, other ideas that come from contemplation are sometimes the best. You could rattle off a long list of quick ideas and add more as you keep thinking. Never stop thinking about what might get on the list.


  • Become a leader in the use of BIM software tools
  • Reissue a revised CAD Standard for AutoCAD 2011
  • Improve CAD productivity through custom and third party tools
  • Develop a library of Details and the interface to use them

Once you have a list of at least 20-30, narrow it down to 5-7 ideas that might be the best.  We will focus on those in the next steps.

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