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I mentioned that Strategic Planning in its essence is just asking a bunch of questions and seeking to define the answers.

Step One is looking at the Past. A quick or long look back will help frame the whole process. By getting a proper perspective on what has happened before we may be able to either repeat the successes, build on them or avoid the failures of those that came before us. You need to be asking some questions about your firm and team and environment that will be used in framing steps four and five.

What is the CAD history at your firm?

Did it jump into the CAD or BIM arena quickly? Did it get dragged into the latest release begrudgingly? Did it have any major failure points in the past that might cause some to have concerns if you attempt something new? How quickly does the firm embrace new technology?

What challenges did it face and how did it handle those challenges? What were the challenges? Are the circumstances that caused these challenges still the same? Are those that were a challenge before still around?

What have you learned through past changes and progress efforts?

The Product of this Step:

You will know when you have finished this step when you can write a good narrative or list of what has happened in the past, how you got
there, what you learned and what you would avoid in the future. If you think you are done and have not written it down, then stop and create a document. It will force you to think through the issues and personalities that surround the issues. You may not share this with anyone or it may be a collaborative effort. The document is just a method of getting it all assembled in your head and on paper to make sure it is happening.

Don’t just think that if you spend a few hours thinking about the past that you have completed this step. Writing it up is part of the process of completing this step.

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