CADDManager on June 2nd, 2011
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Systems and Standards include the way you do things and what guidelines you use to control the output.


How do you control project setup and initiation? Is there a process you use for that? Do you just let everyone create them as they like?

Systems are procedures and processes that assist in formalizing your methods of defining things.

You may set up systems for defining who gets what hardware and software.

You may have systems and processes in place to define how software is reviewed and approved to add to your mix.

You may have systems and teams in place for reviewing your standards.

These are all examples of defining the process and procedural part of your work that end up being systems of review, definition and progression with hardware and software.


I have written on this subject extensively.  You should search my CAD Standard category to see all those posts.  Standards must be followed to provide control over output.  Standards must be respected as a tool to get better production, not an end in themselves.  Your firm does not get paid for creating perfect CAD files.  You get paid to design.

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