CADDManager on April 22nd, 2015
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Speaking Ability

CAD and BIM Managers have to communicate well.  I have written much on that topic.  With a little more refinement, I venture there again.

You need to have balanced interactions with others. Not talking too much, and not too little.  Your words must convey your ideas, values and goals in clear and concise wording.  You need to provide as much background info as needed, but stop when it seems like others do not care to keep listening.  You need to also watch their expressions for signs of understanding and that they get the point.  I often stop after three to four sentences and ask if it make sense to them.

You need to adjust the technical content of your words to the understanding level of the listener.  Don’t throw jargon and a barrage of tech terms into a conversation with someone who is not looking for it.  On the flip side, provide tech specifics to others who can understand.

You need to be complete and truthful, providing direct answers to direct questions.  Don’t side step the question, but provide a clear and understandable answer.  I tend to provide bottom line information up front and then fill in the needed details. If someone wants to know when a task will be complete, I give them a date and a little info to back it up.  Then I stop to see if they need more info.

Be honest, with full disclosure, not lacking, not covering up so that others feel you have given more than is needed.  Be forthright, sharing the entire story and information so that others do not think you are holding anything back.

By gauging your audience and adjusting to the needs, you can become an even more effective communicator.

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