CADDManager on April 16th, 2015
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Be Positive

Besides B+ being my blood type… I am generally a positive person. 🙂

Tech Managers need to stay positive when interacting with others.  No scowling and frowning allowed.  Do not let your first words of reply have a negative slant.

Positive attitudes should pervade all interactions.   Looking for the bright side of things takes effort.  Complimenting others may not come easy, but it needs to be done. Strive to have positive comments.  Make them your typical reply.

When responding to others ideas, start with a positive slant. “That’s a good idea” or “That is creative thinking”.  You can then refine the conversation if you see the need by asking “Have you thought about…”.  Even a generic “Let’s discuss this a little more” is better than “Thank will not work” or “We tried that before”.

There may be times when a negative stance may be needed, but negative comments are few and couched in kindness.  You may never say anything like “That is stupid”, but you may deliver negative feedback that is too blunt and direct.  I find that couching negative feelings in kindness works well.  The message still gets across, but the other person is not totally offended. Using terms such as “it appears” and “there might be” prior to delivering a negative comment, might make it easier to take.


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