CADDManager on December 3rd, 2014
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I started my day presenting my class. “The Greatest Lessons I’ve Ever Learned”.  Here is a snippet.

In order to learn (A Lesson or anything), you have to listen well.  To do that you need to keep these things in mind.

  • Don’t judge people as you listen
  • Don’t draw conclusions until the person is done talking
  • Don’t interrupt (my trouble spot)
  • Do organize and repeat what you have heard… “So you are saying that…”
  • Do listen for ideas and concepts and even hidden messages/signals
  • When learning a lesson from another persons story, apply it to yourself and other situations

After class it was on to a presentation on Student Educational partnerships that Autodesk is setting up.  They are not only providing FREE SOFTWARE to students and educators, but are working toward project based learning tools.  They are also connecting via support and funding to organizations that provide learning opportunities for students.

(Some of the partners)

Dan Banach, Lynn Austin and John Helfen of Autodesk lead a panel presentation with two such options.

Project Lead The Way is one.  Andrea Croslyn discussed how her organization worked with students to nurture STEM learning.  They also provide Certiport discounts.

F1 in Schools – Nelson Vale presented on how students in Portugal  joined the competition and after competing for three year took top honors.

It was encouraging the hear that Autodesk has the right thinking… it does not stop once the software is provided. They create partnership for project learning.

After that, another trip to the Exhibit hall and on the way I past the Student 3D Printing area where students were invited in to design and 3D Print their designs.


I also noticed the area where Autodesk employees dressed in lab coats were interacting and survey users to gather data on improving the products.  One person (shown below) was being tested on where he looked and clicked on a web page.  By tracking his actions they can tell if the page is effective in leading a person to specific actions.


The AUGI Annual meeting was prior to the Exhibit Hall opening in the evening.  They presented member benefits, financials and the results of the Wish List (complete with a Genie from a lamp).  Fun meeting and it was standing room only.


On to the AUGI Reception (Beer Bust) and Top DAUG competitions.  Another great day in the books.




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