CADDManager on November 30th, 2014
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As I watch the Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, it is apparent that many have started the annual trek to the dessert.  Flying, driving and taking trains, maybe some even walk. But one thing is obvious, this is THE EVENT to attend for anyone that uses Autodesk products.  It is where you can network, connected, discuss and even argue about the good and bad of the software that drives us all forward.  It is the time when enabling Design, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Entertainment is the main focus with a heavy dash of Education mixed through it all.

The Future…  this is the thread that weaves through the fabric of the event.  Carl Bass, CEO, will kick it off with Jeff Kowalksi, CTO at the opening keynote – The Future of Making Things.  Several other Forums focus on the Future of… How Buildings are Made, How Products are Made, How Infrastructure is Made and How Visualizations are Made.

With these focused topics, almost 800 classes and close to 200 exhibitors, there will be no lack of learning.  And education is what this whole event is about.  Autodesk has gathered about 825 speakers who are the cream of the crop. Some of the best from past events and some great newcomers.  Soak it all in.

And after you have soaked it in – get Certified – its free.  User Certified, Certified Professional and Certified BIM Specialist.  You can tap into this free offer at multiple times during the week.

So much going on – so little time.  See you soon.


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