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We have discussed what might trigger a critical conversation and now we move to who might be involved.

When a CAD Manager uncovers a pattern of deviation that might impair the progress of a CAD project, they need to bring it up to someone.  There needs to be a conversation related to what they have found so that it can bee addressed and alleviated.  But who do you talk to?  Who is the best person to approach with the  information you discovered?

Here is a plan for who you might have a chat with:

The first place to go is to the person that you think is making the errors or may misunderstand the standards required.  by going to the person that is working on the file or model, you may make any corrections needed at the root of the problem.

If you do not have any idea who may have been involved in the errant processes, then go to the work team.  Talk to multiple people and you may uncover what might have happened and who may have been involved.  Talking to the team may allow them to adjust their work approach to manage the area of concern.  The point of these discussion is not to place blame, but to define a remedy.  Without placing blame, you may get the corrective efforts started.

If the corrective efforts cannot be initiated with a critical conversation with the person thought responsible or the team, then it may need to be escalated to the next level.  If it is a person who was identified as the source of the concern, then that would be the persons supervisor.  Most of the time this will not have to happen, especially with the persons supervisor.  Unless there is denial of the obvious facts or refusal to make amends, the person who is identified and agreed upon as making the problem, then that person will most likely assist in the correction of the problem.

If it was a team problem, then a meeting with the project manager may be in order.  This is what usually happens.  The PM is notified that there is a problem and corrective action is either taking place or is needed. The conversation with the PM is needed because they have bottom line responsibility with meeting the project deadlines.  Again – you are not looking to place blame on any individual.  You are focused on getting the project back in line and moving forward.



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