CADDManager on January 28th, 2014
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When CAD concerns continue without being addressed they become CAD “Issues”.

Issues should be fairly easy to identify because someone should let you know about it.  That does not always happen and we will discuss that in the next post.  For now, let’s just identify the Issues.

Issues are trouble spots that have impacted workflow and endanger deliverables, dollars or deadlines.  These are the big “3Ds” that when put in danger…  people notice.  I mean they become concerned.  Actually – it is an Issue.

What are the things that people consider issue worthy?

Things that cause delays.  Things are slowing down or not moving fast enough.  Troubles have impacted files and people are not able to get things done.  Things that used to work are no longer working.  Things that used to be easy are now hard.

Things that cause client comments.  Things may be humming along fine from your perspective, but the client does not.  Client comments cause major issues with most project managers.

Things that others want to blame on you.  There – I said it.  There are a lot of times when CAD is too easy to pick on.  Everyone can just blame the CAD guy or the CAD file or the CAD Manager.  You know it happens.  You know that the project was tanking way before there were any “CAD Problems”.  The trouble is that these comments are hard to deflect.  Other than having perfect CAD files, which is really tough to do in a large environment (two or more users – lol), there may be little to do that can ward off blame issues.

Issues are things that others just want to go away.  They want you to fix them and fix them now.  They expect them to be addressed and corrected.  They are a call to action. Acting fast.

You should not have any trouble identifying an Issue – others will let you know exactly what the issue is.

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