CADDManager on January 24th, 2012
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When decision time comes there are always limiting items that come in to play.  Knowing the limits and constraints will improve your decision making by placing boundaries around the extents of what could be done.

These boundaries may include time constraints that limit the time you can take in the progress of the change or repair.   It might be money or funds.  It might be manpower and limits on the number of hours you can spend in the effort.  Whatever it may be, you have to take into account these factors.

Limits are placed on you by others, by your firm, by the marketplace or by regulations.  Following the restrictions is critical.  An example may be the disposing of electronic waste is not allowed by just throwing it into the dumpster.  You cannot just toss those old monitors into the trash.  You have to process them thru e-waste firms and drop spots.

When defining what you can do you have to take into account what you cannot do.  Unlimited budget and time could make every decision easy, but that is not the reality most of us live in.

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