CADDManager on July 2nd, 2008
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I was speaking recently with a CAD Manager who said that his firm did not really embrace the concept of people in their firm being thought leaders. They may not have come out and stated that, but they set up roadblocks and hurdles that may discourage employees from easily “speaking up” through writing or speaking at events.

This prompted me to think about what a firm might gain from there employees being seen and heard in the industry. What do the firms of those that are thought leaders gain from them being thought of that way. There are some downsides. Like possibly time away from the office, time spent connecting to others in the industry, splitting the thought process between work and industry thinking. So there may be some downsides, but what are the upsides?

Your Firm will be seen as having:

Top Talent

Your firm will be seen as having top talent. Most to the time the “big names” are consultants and industry pundants. By having Thought Leaders on staff, your firm is seen as one that is leading the way. Clients will want to interact with those that have a perspective that others seek out. By being a thought leader, you actually entice other top talent to join your firm. Talent wants to be associated with talent.

Industry Connectedness

When your firm has people that are thought leaders, it becomes connected to other leaders, vendors and industry analysts. When your firm is at an event, these people will seek you out and they will remember who you work for.

Vendor Deals

Vendors will know that you have a voice that speaks to the industry. That voice will provide some leverage when seeking “deals” with these providers. They know who you are and they know treating you and your firm right will/may get them discussed by you to others.

A Voice above the Crowd

Industry Analysts will take what you say and how you use tools in your firm as indications of the marketplace. They will pay attention when your firm implements a tool. Your firm wins.

A Presence in the Industry

When you attend events, people will know you and your firm. When you speak or write, people will know who you work for. This name recognition will place your firm in a position of standing out. The more your firms name is out there in a positive light, the better. Your firm will be seen as progressive and cutting edge. Your firm will be known for having the best people in the business.

Your Firm will get a happy employee

Being part of a greater community has advantages in that the person (you) feels connected. When you are connected to a large community, you have a sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing where the industry is headed.

Your Firm will have doors opened to it

Your presence in the industry will open doors that otherwise may not be open. Your firm gains by having opportunities it may not have gained otherwise. Other want to associate with your and your firm. Other firms that may hear or read your work want to get connected with your firm.

There are many areas where your firm wins from having you speak, write, teach and be involved in the larger community of users in your field.

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