CADDManager on July 18th, 2006
  • Project Navigator automatically sets up Xrefs. When used correctly all things work well. But you do NOT want to use the Xref Attach commands apart from PNav.
  • The Manage Xrefs button on the Drawing Status Bar will alert you if a change is made to one of the Xrefs you are using and you can reload the file.
  • Be careful how many project drawings you open at one time. System performance can slow down dramatically when you have multiple large drawings open even when using Xrefs.
  • Autodesk suggest that you DO NOT use windows explorer or the AutoCAD open command to open drawings associated with a project. It does actually open the files, but I have noticed that some items do not function properly.
  • For every drawing file (DWG) in a project, a corresponding XML file is created that holds project information. They are just text files, but this is how PNav coordinates the complete set of files. Do not delete the XML files.
  • To move a project from one directory to another, close the project, right-click it and select Move Project. You can select the new location from a browse window. ADT will automatically repath all the files. Do Not just drag the files from Explorer.

3 Responses to “ADT Project Navigator Tips”

  1. Let’s say I already have a job set up with lots of files. There is a change in engineering. I want to leave the existing project and files in place but I want to create a new project from a copy of the original project.
    How does one go about copying a project? The xml’s will still carry the original poject data.

  2. Everytime that I send a project to plot using Proj. Nav. my layout sheet turns white. My Border, layers and other elements turn to white color. How can I fix this?

  3. SAL —> Close all CAD sessions leaving only one open, make sure your SDI is set to 0, right click on your papaer-space tab, then click on “page setup manager”, then “modify”, on the warning window hit “ok”, then when you see the page set up window (which looks exactly like the plot window), UNCHECK the “display plot styles” on the upper right corner, then hit “ok” down below, then click on “close” on the precceding window and finally close AutoCAD. Reopen CAD and all your paper spaces shall now maintain their color. This applies to CAD-MEP 2012, but it’s similar for other versions of CAD. Hope this helped. Cheers!


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